As adults, we can learn a lot from kids – especially when it comes to happiness. A survey has shown that 85% of the 6-13 year olds are, in fact, happy ...


Everybody always talks about looks – so do we! A compelling packaging design acts as a brand’s ambassador ...


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How do you create a packaging design that truly appeals to children? A character puts a face to your product. But is that it? Join Kids & Packaging in the process of creating a design for a potential product.
What does the target group expect from your product? The Kids & Packaging team keeps in mind what is required of a children’s product at every stage of the process.
Does the chosen character make the grade? Kids & Packaging checks all illustrations meticulously for acceptance among the target group.
A hero for my product! What are the requirements of a compelling brand character? Simply putting a funny face on the pack doesn’t make it a good packaging design.
Once the right character is found, we can begin to create his world. Where does the character live? What is a consistent environment for him and how does it affect the experience of the product and brand?
Our brand character is now ready to discover his world! Let’s create the right setting and a consistent environment for him in which he can act. His adventures are about to begin …
We develop packaging concepts, promotional ideas, and invent new and exciting games – all around our new character and his personal world of experiences. This helps the children get to know him better and to identify with him, making your brand come to life and attract its target group.

Let us show you what we can do.

Services offered by the Kids & Packaging agency: Packaging design, character design, pre- and post-tests, promotion, pack shot and product photography, branding, prototyping, game development, PoS material, web design, 3D visualisation.

The team of Kids & Packaging

Combined expertise, shared passion: Our design agency has been involved for years in projects for well-known, international brands. As well as this, Kids & Packaging works with a pool of freelance professionals such as illustrators, comic designers and 3D specialists to help us satisfy the many and diverse demands in terms of brand visualisation and presentation.

We keep abreast of current thinking and build on our expertise by regularly attending key events relevant to our sector, including congresses and trade shows – such as the games trade fair, Anuga and ISM, etc.