As adults, we can learn a lot from kids – especially when it comes to happiness. A survey has shown that 85% of the 6-13 year olds are, in fact, happy*. So much is new, exciting and filled with adventure! Let’s inspire this young target group with fascinating experiences that revolve around the product and the brand. We love developing packaging designs for kids. It’s a task to which we apply ourselves with respect, profound understanding of the special needs of a child, and a due sense of responsibility.

Our mission is to deliver added value that brings excitement to the brand. This is one more reason why we endeavour to be the equal of children, listening to them carefully and taking their wishes seriously. Be it kids in nursery, preschool, primary or secondary school – our many years of experience mean that we know how to address young people appropriately striking the right chord with them.

We use our expertise to create campaigns, packaging and promotions that are highly valued. Kids appreciate that the world full of excitement and adventure around the product has been created just for them, and love our passionately designed details. And so do we, incidentally, because only those who truly remain a child at heart can effectively captivate a child’s imagination – and thereby experience childlike happiness themselves.

*Study by Kids & Youth, 2012

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