Everybody always talks about looks – so do we! A compelling packaging design acts as a brand’s ambassador. It grabs attention on the shelf, offers valuable information, and gives the product a distinctive look that sets it apart from the rest. We create packaging that has what it takes to become a successful brand – from naming to character and logo development through to brand differentiation.

Making the brand a tangible experience in the shop: High-quality packaging creates a sensuous relationship between product and consumer – and communicates an instantly perceived promise of benefits. Its comparatively high information content adds further to its credibility.

We design packaging that sells. Based on our many years of experience and a keen understanding of the needs of the target group we are on hand offering help and advice to our clients – from the concept to the creation of an image portfolio through to creative implementation. Together, we ensure transparency as required by the consumer and the law through legally compliant disclosure of ingredients, nutritional values and allergy advice.

Aligning ourselves with the goals and interests of our clients, we are dedicated to helping shape the future of packaging. Packaging is changing. As the globalisation especially of big brands is progressing at a breathtaking pace, regional factors and origin are increasingly important criteria in purchase decisions. Sustainability adds a further aspect of growing relevance – often promoted as a unique selling point.

Ever more complex requirements stimulate and excite us to maximise the attention factor of packaging solutions – and to cast you in the best possible light.

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